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  • A Love Letter to Average Position
    Dear Average Position (or AP, as I liked to call you), For so long, I overlooked you. I thought you were merely average, nothing more than an average of placements on SERPs. Yeah, I saw you down at the end of the platform, tucked away with your new friend Search Impression Share. But I was […]
    John GIbbings
  • Isolating The Causes Behind Organic Traffic Shifts
    With the recent 03/12 Google Algorithm Update, I have seen a shift in how Google isolates queries via user-intent to better serve users with a type of landing page and content type. To deliver more qualified information to their users based on their search intent. Most notably, we have seen the largest SERP Volatility in […]
    John GIbbings
  • Redirects Using CloudFlare Workers
    If you are trying to figure out how to do redirects with Vanilla JS or through a Cloudflare Worker, this should at least (hopefully) get you started down the correct path.   The post Redirects Using CloudFlare Workers appeared first on Hive Digital Marketing.
    Jacob Bohall

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