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  • A Moment To Reflect
    The recent tragedies involving SEOs has sparked some much needed discussion on the importance of honest communication, community, and ways we can be more healthy both physically and mentally.  I’m especially grateful to Jenny Halasz for her openness in these discussions and leading the #seochat Thursday.  Unfortunately, I missed #seochat as I was at lunch […]
    Jacob Bohall
  • Isolating Competing Content and Content Cannibalization
    Over time it is natural for websites to naturally grow in content breadth and the distinction between content and landing page intent can easily begin to overlap and creep across the site. The effectiveness of a single page talking to a target subject can be called into question by the search engines, and it is […]
    John GIbbings
  • Utilizing GSC to Prioritize and Optimize Content
    Google Search Console is an extremely versatile tool that provides some detailed information on the types of organic traffic that draws visitors to your site and can even help you to improve upon existing content visibility in the build a competitive edge within the search results. Since the inclusion of Google’s Not Provided attribute in […]
    John GIbbings

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