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  • Troubleshooting Screaming Frog’s Memory Allocation
    For months, I have been wracking my brain trying to find a workaround for a bug that I’ve found in Screaming Frog’s Memory Allocation settings. I have plenty of physical RAM (8GBs in one, and 12+ in my home machine). Regardless of having the physical memory, I have been unable to allocate more than 1 […]
    John GIbbings
  • Backlink Monitoring: A How-to Guide
    In the post-Penguin era of search engine optimization, backlinks are still the backbone of a well-ranked website. Many webmasters have had their encounters with bad SEO agencies, freelancers, and subsequent penalizations from Google. Some webmasters have dealt with amoral competitors that will purchase bad backlinks to their website with a variety of anchor text. Regardless of […]
    Jack Hamilton
  • Can You Keep Historical GSC Data After Losing GTM Verification
    Google is notorious for segmenting the Search Console data down into 90 day segments, and regardless of requests from Webmasters, they continue to restrict data accessibility down to individual accounts. Meaning that if you want to share Google Search Console (GSC) access with another email account, you can for the site, but the receiving party […]
    John GIbbings

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