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Hive Digital has been very fortunate to discover and retain incredible talent in the search marketing space. We value the hard work and dedication of all our staff, and appreciate everything they do to make Hive Digital the amazing company it is today. Below are a few of the experts that make Hive Digital one of the leading search marketing agencies in the world.

Recent Industry Awards 2023

  • Clutch Awards: "Top Company - Digital Marketing, CRO, Inbound" Winners
  • Web Excellence Awards "Best SEO Campaign" Winner
  • Global Agency Awards "Best PPC Campaign" Winner
  • People's Choice Awards "Best Digital Marketing Agency" Winner
  • Communicator Awards "Paid Advertising Campaign" Winner
Clutch Awards for top digital marketing company, looks like an envelop with the year 2023

Ryan Allis

Ryan Allis is the Owner and Chairman of Hive Digital. Ryan has been an entrepreneur since he started Allis Computing at age 11 in 1995. Ryan started Hive Digital prior to attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was an economics major and a Blanchard Scholar.

He is the author of the book Zero to One Million, published by McGraw-Hill in February 2008, which reached the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list, and chronicles one of Hive Digital’s early client successes.

Jeff Staub

Jeff Staub, CEO of Hive Digital specializes in marketing strategy, paid search, web analytics, and SEO initiatives.

Jeff has a B.A. from Elon University and a B.S. from Colorado State University with a focus on the biological sciences and analysis. Prior to Hive Digital, Jeffrey worked as an independent consultant for various online marketing firms working on projects for large movie companies, music industry leaders, major oil companies, and sports apparel producers.

Jake Bohall

Jake Bohall, Vice President of Hive Digital, is recognized as an online columnist, entrepreneur, board member of an educational non-profit, and philanthropist.

Jake’s experience in business and strategy development has made him adept at identifying practical online marketing strategies to fit a company’s growth objectives and available resources.

Dominic Ciampa

Dom Ciampa, has been working at Hive Digital since 2012. Focusing primarily on Business Development and client retention, Dom also handles project billing and management.

Dom is well versed in onsite as well as offsite SEO best practices, and is Google Adwords Certified.

Jacob Stewart

Jake Stewart joined Hive Digital in 2023 as the Director of Marketing, with a strong background in SEO, digital advertising, UX, content development, and digital customer journey mapping. Originally a journalist, he moved to academia in 2010, then shifted to in-house digital marketing in 2016, leading teams from 2019. Jake excels in working with diverse clients and cross-functional teams, leveraging his client-side experience to understand and achieve marketing goals. He’s passionate about education, public safety, and youth development, actively involved in related organizations and coaching. Outside work, Jake enjoys family time, traveling, gaming, and reading in his personal library.

Tripp Hamilton

Tripp Hamilton has been working in digital marketing since 2012, first starting his career helping his clients out of manual link penalties. 

Tripp has in-depth knowledge for e-commerce clients working on WordPress, Shopify, and other CMS platforms, and has expertise in local SEO, natural link acquisition strategies, and content optimization/strategy.

Joost Loijens

As the Director of Analytics, Joost Loijens provides the web analytics support for Hive Digital, working closely with the SEO, paid search and social teams. He has eight-years’ experience implementing and analyzing tracking for small sites to global enterprises. Decisions are only as good as the data available to make them on.

Nina Martinez

Nina Martinez has dedicated her career to responsible marketing since 2008, with a wholehearted belief in advertising with integrity and a methodology that ensures honest value to both clients and the communities they serve.

With these principles in mind, and a deep appreciation for building genuine relationships, Nina has founded and contributed to entrepreneurial ventures and established brands, doing so in a manner that values the more human elements behind audience response and translates them into marketing initiatives for the digital world.

John Gibbings

John Gibbings has been working, adapting and succeeding within organic search for multi-million dollar companies since 2011. He is a Senior SEO Consultant with Hive Digital, where he works hand in hand with the internal departments to ensure the best focus and care is given to each client.

Jeff Cohen

Jeff works with clients to understand their goals and challenges and provide strategies for online marketing programs, including SEO, paid search and content strategy development. He conducts analyses to provide insights into online competitors, search trends, and SERP landscape, meeting with clients to review updates on measured KPIs and new opportunities.

Max Horn

Max Horn

Max is a key member of our paid ads team with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Columbus State University. Specializing in Google Ads since 2008, she excels in creating value-driven campaigns and has a deep interest in consumer behavior. Known for her analytical prowess, Max enjoys dissecting trends and consumer data to enhance her advertising strategies. 

Outside of work, she is passionate about art, adding a creative dimension to her professional skill set. Max’s unique combination of creativity, marketing expertise, and data analysis skills make her a valuable and admired member of our team.

Ruby Aaver

Ruby Aaver is a graduate of California State University, Northridge where she studied sociology. Her experience as a project coordinator centered on supporting strategic marketing initiatives involving event planning, and has recently expanded to include supporting customer service, sales, and social media marketing efforts. Ruby has also spent time as a financial analyst, and has an eye for details and getting things done efficiently and effectively.

Cindy Correa

Cindy Correa is a dedicated SEO Consultant passionate about creating intuitive and user-centered digital experiences. With a strong background in UX design, market research, ad copywriting, and data analysis, Cindy is able to effectively identify trends and understands the importance of integrating SEO with other digital marketing efforts to create comprehensive strategies.

Angela Cowo

Angela Cowo is an enthusiastic SEO content strategist at Hive Digital, known for her diverse background in digital marketing. A recent graduate from Meredith College with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Communications, she has built her expertise through various internships. Angela’s skills include social media marketing, public relations, and SEO, with experience in both corporate and nonprofit sectors. Passionate about positively impacting the world, she enjoys connecting with people and nature. In her leisure time, Angela loves watching movies, reading, volunteering, and exploring new culinary experiences with friends.

Adam Sumner

Adam is a key member of Hive Digital’s CSR and project management teams, known for his excellent client communication and commitment to the company’s mission. He has developed strong professionalism and organizational skills, contributing to sales, optimization tasks, company culture, and volunteer initiatives. Outside of work, Adam manages a record label and art collective, ’47 Eyez On Me’, and is deeply passionate about music and art, often attending local events. He’s also an enthusiast of extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, and practices meditation and mindfulness, sharing his knowledge with others.

Alex Dahms

Alex began his digital marketing career in 2014, initially focusing on promoting concerts via social media and blogs. He then expanded his skills to content creation and management, specializing in SEO-focused copywriting, CMS platforms, analytics, and content strategy. A University of Maryland philosophy graduate, Alex’s diverse work experience includes managing cafes and developing a leading music studio. His broad expertise allows him to easily connect with clients on various topics. An avid gamer and enthusiast of old movies, weird paintings, and obscure music, Alex also enjoys biking, playing the drums, and traveling.

Jay Patel

Jay Patel, Google Ads Expert at Hive Digital, is an ex-Googler and social entrepreneur who has been working in the SEM space since 2010.

From 2010-2015 Jay worked at Google in various roles on the Small and Medium Business team, during which he directly worked with over 1,000 advertisers and supported several dozen of the top SEM agencies on their clients. Jay is a 2018 Comcast NBCUniversal Leadership Awardee and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Economics and Political Science.

Lori Ann Dressel

Lori is an experienced Social Media Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Skilled in Influencer Marketing, Paid Social, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Integrated Marketing, and E-commerce.


Hive Digital, Inc. is a Benefit Corporation hyper focused on assisting those people and companies that are dedicated to helping solve the worlds problems. As a digital marketing agency, not only are we passionate about the clients we work with, we are passionate about our team members and fully support them in their quest to live a happy, healthy and fully alive life.

Interested in a marketing career with Hive Digital? We love to hire amazing talent in the SEO, Paid Search, Development, and Analytics spaces. Statistics backgrounds are always a plus!

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