Nina Martinez

Nina is passionate about promoting cultural awareness, supporting marginalized communities, and representing companies that focus on providing valuable solutions for the socio-economic challenges faced by these communities’ members.

Nina Martinez has dedicated her career to responsible marketing since 2008, with a wholehearted belief in advertising with integrity and a methodology that ensures honest value to both clients and the communities they serve.

With these principles in mind, and a deep appreciation for building genuine relationships, Nina has founded and contributed to entrepreneurial ventures and established brands, doing so in a manner that values the more human elements behind audience response and translates them into marketing initiatives for the digital world.

Nina is passionate about promoting cultural awareness, supporting marginalized communities, and representing companies that focus on providing valuable solutions for the socio-economic challenges faced by these communities’ members.

Nina specializes in paid media advertising, market segmentation, website analysis, and conversion optimization — and leveraging her professional background in both traditional and digital marketing, she offers clients a cohesive approach that ensures strategical alignment between online and offline marketing channels.

Attributing her appreciation for the intersection of analysis, design, and human behavior to her years studying biology and visual communications at North Carolina Central University, Nina has shared with audiences at various speaking engagements how she inadvertently “fell into” marketing nearly a decade ago, has thoroughly enjoyed being captivated by the industry since, and how listeners can also be empowered by their personal interests in their professional and daily roles.

An avid reader, award-winning visual artist, cultural studies enthusiast, and mother of two, Nina also makes the most of her free time exploring life and delving into her passions alongside family and friends.

You can contact Nina Martinez via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 919-459-8589

Twitter: @NinaCMartinez


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