Training Services

Hive Digital’s Intensive Training Courses are courses developed to teach best practices and real world application across multiple search marketing strategies. The programs have been developed to facilitate all learning styles and all levels of knowledge. Face-to-face training is provided in a venue near our headquarters located in Research Triangle Park, NC, and on-site training is also available by request.

Custom courses are also available for training that occurs in conference and institutional settings. Hive Digital’s training services have been provided at the University of Delaware, the Kauffman Foundation, NC State University, UNC Chapel Hill, Search Exchange Conference, and for other corporate clients.

Hive Digital training services can be tailored for beginners interested in learning search marketing and applying best practice methodologies to their business, experienced marketers focused on improving/updating strategic skills to be effective in an agency setting or in-house marketing position, or marketers with years of experience and/or looking for advanced multi-channel tactics. Hive Digital offers an optional Testing and Certification process for participants that complete the training programs.

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