Search Ethics

Hive Digital has exhibited a dedication to ethics in search marketing since our inception in 2002. We’ve even gone as far as creating standards within the search industry in our efforts to foster a responsible environment.

Our agency will make every attempt to ensure our company and its employees adhere to the following code of ethics:

  • We will always be transparent with our clients
  • We will never intentionally mislead or harm any client or their websites
  • We will never violate any laws
  • We will never engage in any conflict of interest without notification and approval of all parties involved
  • We will always provide our clients and employees a clear procedure for dispute resolution
  • We will always protect the confidentiality of our clients and their information
  • We will always put forth our best knowledge and understanding for our clients

If you have any concern or questions regarding this ethics policy or ways we could improve, please contact us.

Hive Digital is dedicated to assisting in any way possible with the formation of a Search Congress to create a universal and enforced code of ethics for the search marketing industry.

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