Who We Are

We’re good. Pun intended.

Our Mission is to fulfill our employees’ passions to change the world by helping purpose-driven companies and organizations amplify their message.

Our services are developed via a performance driven culture that seeks continuous improvement in a constantly evolving industry through research, innovation, and experience. Our constant focus on promoting effective, ethical and socially responsible strategies allows Hive Digital to continue shaping and leading the search marketing industry.

Jeff Staub, CEO

About Hive Digital

Hive Digital is a leading provider of professional and high quality digital marketing services and products for clientele that provide positive value for their customers and website visitors. Hive Digital utilizes empirically proven and effective digital marketing techniques to help these clients identify and achieve greater exposure online through search marketing, paid advertising and social media. Hive Digital strives to provide the highest quality consultation, implementation, management, and support services and products for paid advertising, organic search, and social media marketing strategies.

Our Experts

Hive Digital has been very fortunate to discover and retain incredible talent in the search marketing space. We value the hard work and dedication of all our staff, and appreciate everything they do to make Hive Digital the amazing company it is today. Meet the experts that make Hive Digital one of the leading search marketing agencies in the world.


Hive Digital, Inc. is a Benefit Corporation hyper focused on assisting those people and companies that are dedicated to helping solve the worlds problems. As a digital marketing agency, not only are we passionate about the clients we work with, we are passionate about our team members and fully support them in their quest to live a happy, healthy and fully alive life.

Interested in a marketing career with Hive Digital? We love to hire amazing talent in the SEO, Paid Search, Development, and Analytics spaces. Statistics backgrounds are always a plus!

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