Google Plus Guides

UPDATED July 2013! By popular request, here are all our “how to” Google Plus guides for using Google+ effectively, whether for business or personal use, in one convenient listing.

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Google Plus Guides for Brand Pages

How to Verify Your Google+ Brand Page with Google 

How to Use Your Google+ Business Page: Your “Owner’s Manual”

Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Google+ Brand Page

How to Add Administrators to Your Google+ Business Page 

Use the Power of Sharing to Grow Your Google+ Business Page

Google Plus Local Places Pages FAQ


Google Plus Guides for Authorship & SEO

How Google Plus Profiles & Pages Gain Search Authority (on Search Engine Land)

ALL our Google Authorship and Author Rank posts

What Is the Difference Between Google Authorship and Author Rank?

Author Rank: Fact and Fiction

How to Show Your Google+ Profile Photo in Google Search Results (setting up rel=author Google Authorship)

Verifying Google Authorship for the Paranoid (How to Make Really, Really Sure You’ve Got It!)

How to Connect Your Google Plus Profile & Your YouTube Channel

From Authorship to Authority: Claiming Your Identity Online & Why You Should

rel=author or rel=publisher: Which Should I Use?

Google Answers Frequent Questions About Google Authorship


General Google Plus Tips and Tricks

How to Connect Your Google+ & YouTube Accounts (And Why You Should)

How to Use Google+ Ripples to Increase Your Social Capital 

How to Manage Google Plus Notifications in Your Gmail

How to Adjust the “Volume” of Circles in Your Home Stream

How to Share to Google+ from Safari for iPhone or iPad

How to Share Vine Videos to Google+

Google In-Depth Articles: How to Qualify Your Content