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  • Canonical Attachments in WordPress
    While working on a client project, I realized they had a significant number of PDF files that they had uploaded into wordpress, and this was creating some issues in organic search results. Most notably, many PDFs were outranking or replacing their post/page counterparts, and more importantly, the PDFs did not have CTA’s or analytics tracking. […]
    Jacob Bohall
  • TWIL: Expires Headers in .htaccess for Fonts and Images
    The post TWIL: Expires Headers in .htaccess for Fonts and Images appeared first on Hive Digital Marketing.
    Jacob Bohall
  • Google Updated Penguin, Finally
    The Penguin algorithm has been part of the lives of online marketers since early 2012 when the first iteration was unleashed and decimated an industry rife with easily repeatable spam. When Google updated Penguin for the first time, it hit many webmasters who utilized unnatural inbound linking as their primary strategy for ranking well in organic […]
    Jack Hamilton

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