Paul Woodhouse

Having spent the best part of two decades exploring rabbit holes, Paul is still as persistent in devising and adapting to the age-old challenges inherent within search — namely, intent.

He’s also moderately obsessed with strategic frameworks.

As some CEO from Taiwan once said, “Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”

Paul’s experience since 2003 spans every vertical from mom and pop to Fortune 100 to household retail brands. He has advised the US Government on SEM practices, is archived in the British Library, and been interviewed by the BBC owing to his business blogging prowess. He has also been featured in the The Guardian, The UK London Times, and the Daily Telegraph along with various book mentions (some of which are still in print).

At Hive, Paul drives strategic SEO initiatives that work with a focus on enterprise-level audits, site migration planning, and healthcare.


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