internet summit 2012 speakers

We apologize that due to reduced wifi capabilities at the conference, our live blogs will be delayed

A crew from Virante will be live blogging most of the public sessions at this year’s Internet Summit in Raleigh NC, November 7 and 8, 2012.

Posts will be in note-taking style and will be updated in real time, so be sure to visit during topics you’re interested in and then refresh the post frequently to follow the presentation.

Here’s our anticipated coverage (dependent on Internet availability). If a title is linked, it is either live or completed.

Coverage by Mark Traphagen:

10:30 Social Media Targeting and Measurement
12:00 Emerging Social Trends, Tools & Technologies
3:00 Social Media Trends
4:40 Online Video & Social TV

8:00 Mobile Appps and Engagement
9:20 SoLoMo
10:40 Twitter Brings You Closer – Brent Herd
1:40 Facebook & Twitter Marketing
3:00 Advanced SEO
4:20 Content Strategy

Coverage by Phil Buckley:
3:00 Usability & Experience
4:40 Security

8:00 Inside the Data Center
10:40 Designing and Optimizing for Multiple Screens
1:40 The Tablet Revolution

Coverage by Dan Speicher:
1:30 Keynote Media Panel
3:00 Cloud and Virtualization

8:00 E-Commerce Trends
9:20 Gamification
4:20 Internet Entreprenuership

Coverage by Matt Zaffina:
4:40 Mobile & Location Marketing

12:00 Lunch Keynote
1:40 Featured Speakers
3:00 Social Measurement
4:20 Mobile Business

Coverage by Nina Martinez
3:00 Increasing ROI panel

1:40 Digital Advertising Strategies

Coverage by Elliott Koppel
10:40 Web Analytics and Performance

Coverage by Emily Clement
4:40 CMO Roundtable

9:20 Email Marketing
10:40 CIO Roundtable

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