Measuring Social for Real Results

Kurt Uhlir (@KurtUhlir) is the Co-Founder of Buzztastic

Rob Kischuk (@rkischuk) is the Founder of Badgy

Shifting Market


  • FB is tripling down on location
  • Should we meausure all this
  • What is my ROI & Analytics


  • Looking for the silver bullet but your actually just getting a pile of nerf darts



  • Intentionally focus and Optimize
  • Don’t just track engagement – especially if sales does not line up with level of engagement
  • Should we still be using FB insights
  • Keep it Engaging
  • We should really be educating the consumers about products before and during it comes out
  • we need to move people towards a goal
  • engagement is definitely down on FB.
  • we need to rationally measure leads
  • we need to take back our fans.
  • likes and comments are just not cutting it anymore
  • can’t just settle for education, you need to turn a non-fan into a fan and a lead into a sale
  • Use Apps – easiest way to convert a like into a lead
  • make sure you add the proper permissions – especially to gain e-mails & location
  • OPEN GRAPH is the “new” free cheese
  • investing in apps will keep you current to be able to keep track of proper way to use platforms
  • Use Google Analytics to track how far down the sales process a user goes.
  • Kissmetrics & mixpanel are great analytics programs as well
  • Plain text is actually getting better conversion than pictures – be smart with your links though
  • short links – use bitly pro to display your URL within your short link


  • figure out what your trying to get out of your campaign and measure that.
  • measure on every level of the sales process


Marketers Get All Analytical

Erika Jolly Brookes (@ebrookes) is the VP of Product Strategy at Oracle
Marketers are changing their role in business – by exploring their enterprise value by the onset of virtual and social marketing
companies that consumers feel involved in are more likely to stay as consumers

  • 1/5 of all online time is on FB
  • instagram has surpassed twitter

The biggest application for social for brands is to facilitate easy conversation.

Example: A tweet got a quicker response that a phone call did with DirecTV

Social mobile growth needs to be harnessed by big brands, but this isn’t going to happen until you can measure it all properly
“You no longer own your brand, your fans do”

Embrace your Data: Marketers need to explore the data
difficulty in MultiChannel Measurement

How can you turn a like into love?
customer service is engaged

The Audience is the most important metric on social channels
you need to change your audience into an influence who engages
this then turns into Actionable items which convert into Sales

It’s not what you want to say to your audience it’s what they will say about you


  • real-time consumer relations
  • global local capabilities
  • workflow managament
  • cloud-based management
  • seamless consumer/business connections



The Science of Social: Faceboook Measurement

Matt Peters (@Fracked) Co-founder & Creative Director at Pandemic Labs

FB used to be like WWII snipers. Throw a dart and then call back and adjust – it was inefficient.
Inefficiency means time which means money.
FB is now a predator drone.
We know things specifically before we attack with advertising.
You can already know, through analytics, when is the best time to optimize sharing a certain type of content.


1. Averate Interactions per Post (AIP) – Efficiency

2. Engagement Rate (ER) Total engagements divided by Reach

compares yourself over time and over your competition.

3. Post Position (PP) – Saturation

The position of your post over a 24 hour period. Where is the drop-off when engagment drops. Essentially when do you shut up?

Engagement is the metric that moves all others.

You can’t make decisions on one day, but you need to look at massive batches to see a grand scope of how your posts are doing.
Posting too much? – seeing that there is the most engagement on the 4th post. according to Kohl’s data.

This metric fluctuates from brand to brand. There are hundreds of factors involved, but be aware of yours though.

WatchTower allows you to study not only your own page, but your competition which is necessary to see how you are doing over an industry

Pay attention to the industry optimized time-frames to post. This makes metrics go up and saves money.