What is Branding on Social Media?

A brand is how people identify a company or product. Building a brand in social media marketing includes having a tone, branding color, type of posts ect. Social media marketing creates a unique opportunity to allow you to be in charge of building your own brand. Sharing content on social media platforms can allow your business or product to post content that reflects your values, skills, and things that make your business unique. 

What should a consistent content schedule look like?

Having a consistent schedule will allow your audience to know what type of content to expect from your brand. A consistent schedule doesn’t mean that every post has to be at the same exact time on the same exact day every week. It means that you should post regularly, maybe twice a week or whatever works with your business’s content calendar. It does not mean that you should only post when an event is happening. No one wants to follow an account that only posts once every other month. 

An ideal content calendar schedule should be anywhere around from 2-4 posts a week. This number will depend on what type of business or brand you are. A new site will have to post more than a normal content curator will.

Is consistent content important?

The key to having an engaged audience is to be consistent in what type of content is being posted and when it is being posted. People typically don’t want to follow an account that has no consistency in the type of content that is being posted. If you’re a fitness account, why post about the latest celebrity relationship? Know your audience and know what they follow you for. 

It’s also important to remain authentic and build relationships with your followers. It’s okay to not exclusively only post content that is 1000% relevant to your product or business, but it shouldn’t take over your feed. For example, maybe you are into fitness and you are consistently posting videos of workouts and healthy meal preps, but you’re also an avid reader and want to post about that too. Consider making another account talking about your passion for books that your fitness audience can also engage with.