At Hive Digital, we are celebrating Earth Day 2022 by announcing we are officially a carbon regenerative company meaning our carbon emissions are balanced and exceeded by carbon offsetting projects that eliminate our impact on the environment. Hive Digital is founded on the desire to do good in the world. Caring for the environment and recognizing our impact, either for good or bad, is key to taking steps to this end. While it is impossible for a company to avoid an environmental impact, we feel it is important to address and mitigate those impacts whenever possible.

Hive Digital went to a remote working setup in 2018 with the mindset to take more cars off the road and relieve the daily stresses of those that work for the team. Cutting the daily commute to standard office space has reduced the amount of gas, auto repairs, and most importantly the stress it causes those who work with us. We also established a “Planting Trees for Partnership” initiative where we plant hundreds of trees in honor of any new client that comes on board. In 2021, every time a new partner decided to entrust us with their digital marketing needs, Hive Digital planted trees to celebrate their commitment and express our appreciation for their trust in us. For the year, Hive Digital planted 2200 trees through the One Tree Planted and Eden Reforestation Projects. We have also invested in The Kootznoowoo Project, which protects 20,159 acres of forest, The Gujarat Solar Project, the first of its kind in India, and other conservation projects.

Hive Digital is proud to have assisted in the digital marketing growth of many companies committed to the environment’s sustainment having partnered with multiple organizations to create a more sustainable future. We are proud to stand with those standing up for a more sustainable future for our planet, we can do this together. We got this, let us know how we can help.

Learn what we are doing to create a more sustainable planet.