This is a live blogging presentation of the Mobile Business Panel consisting of:

What Business Wants from Wi-Fi

Stuart Taylor (@STaylorCisco) is the Managing Director for Cisco Systems in The North American Mobile Group

The Consumerization of Enterprise IT

60% of workers use a mobile device at work

42% bring their own smartphone

Global Mobile subscribers is growing exponentially over the past 10 years.

The Rise of Wi-Fi has seen massive growth over the last couple of years pretty much since the launch of the first iPhone.

massive numbers of access points internationally.

Average Mobile Devices per Person

Business – 3.0

Consumer – 2.2

Mobile Business Highlights:

  • Wi-Fi vs. Mobile/Cellular – Wi-Fi is winning significantly over Mobile
  • Tablets, e-readers, media players, gaming devices
  • These are “Nomadic” devices – meaning the easy transition from point A to point B

33% of All Smartphone connections are over Wi-Fi

Business Users prefer Wi-Fi to Mobile for connecting mobile devices.

The only aspect that mobile beats out Wi-Fi is coverage.

All other attributes are beaten out by wi-fi significantly.

More than half of business users use a public hotspot at least once weekly.

The “New Business Mobile” = Wi-Fi + Mobile

  • the interest in a bundled model has a high interest in business and individual users
  • the most important benefit would be the Unlimited data with No overage

You should be thinking about Delivering a “New Enterprise Mobile”

  • multiple devices
  • integrated pricing
  • cost management
  • solutions for mobile business

Integrated WiFi Mobile Architecture

  • Enterprise
  • Home

Cloud-Based Business Applications


  • access – multiple devices
  • lost device
  • policies

Mobile Enabling Today’s Distributed Workforce

Michael Agrillo works in East Enterprise Sales at Box

We live in a whole new world with tablets and smartphones. The transition between personal and business devices.

mobile devices are growing exponentially while PC sales are staying stagnant.

57% of apps bypass security infrastructure

  • Not scalable for the enterprise

The Cloud makes work possible anywhere.

Most traditional software was not originally made for mobile. Now we are just taking old software and tacking on mobile applications. This system is not exactly ideal.

Companies are responding to this by locking everything down to keep content stored on-site

They are also looking to just ignore it completely  – This is not sustainable for the present time.

There are solutions to these big problems:

Salesforce – Workday – Jive – Box

Easy to use content software management on the cloud system.

The Cloud is changing everything with instant updates and access from anywhere.

Adoption is the new ROI – if the solution doesn’t get used, there’s no value.

The construction of the cloud apps needs to be very easy to use.

Utility for Execs  – “the only device a CEO should use is an iPad”

Freely giving out APIs so that YOU can write your own apps.

Box can create your own YouTube which is infinitely useful for any brand with a massive amount of videos. Not many companies are using enough video because of management of the videos.

Look at IT apps you can shift to Cloud

Think company, department, individuals

Prepare for external access

10 Essential Tablet Apps for Business

Scott Gerber (@askgerber) the founder of the Young Entrepreneur’s Council


Avoid “App Crap”

  • Common sense apps/services
  • test, then keep or cut
  • Available on multiple devices, desktops and OS-enabled
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Integrates w/ other company systems
  • Must streamline existing issues
  • Time save or drain?
  • Buy extra chargers and backup batteries!!
  • Fee vs. Free

Operations & Management – The Apps (No particular order)

  1. Grasshopper
  2. GeckoBoard – sales and marketing metrics
  3. QuickBooks – Accounting
  4. Box
  5. Dropbox
  6. Google Drive

Communications – The Apps (no particular order)

  1. Yammer – IM platform
  2. BeejiveIM  – IM client, brings together a bunch of IM areas

Productivity – The Apps

  1. Teuxdeux – favorite app! List/Task management platform
  2. Evernote – collaboration storage
  3. iThoughtsHD
  4. Basecamp – keeping everyone in the know
  5. – a guide through your e-mail similar to a boomerang
  6. TurboScan

Social Media

  1. Hootsuite
  3. Instagram