Having problems with the wrong information in a Google Local Places Listing…   We’ve haven’t done all the research, but wanted to post some thoughts just in case it helps someone out!

  1. You say “almost all data on the web” matches the proper number. If there is any way you can get the non-conforming ones to update, do it. Google Places pulls data from many sources (not just what you enter and confirm!), and it’s possible they are pulling the wrong number from one of those sources. And even if you do get that corrected (and it is indeed the problem), it could be a long time before you see it updated in Places. Google has no set schedule for updating Places listings, and sometimes updates are few and far between.
  2. HOWEVER, you can try to get Places to rescan more frequently by a technique called “poking.” Just log in to the Places account, hit Edit, then Submit, even if you make no changes. Some have found that doing that again and again as much as once per day causes updates to feed in faster.
  3. Try the Places Troubleshooter: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/business
  4. Another route, but way too time consuming for most: become a Google Mapmaker http://www.google.com/mapmaker. Becoming a trusted Mapmaker allows you to make edits that will stick. But that’s the problem: you have to invest time becoming a trusted and active member of the community so the Mods will allow your edits.
Realistically: Try 1 and 2. If no results there, #3 is your only hope.