Is Marketing Dead Hangout VideoVirante’s Mark Traphagen joined John Blossom (Shore Communications), Mark Thomas (SlingshotSEO), Su Ann Lim (TekPersona), Steve Faktor (IdeaFaktory), and Patrick Healy (Phacient) in a live Google+ Hangout On Air broadcast hosted by Shaker Cherukuri of ProcessISInc.

Our discussion took off from the blog post “Is Marketing Dead?” by Shaker. Topics covered in the discussion:

  1. What does Marketing mean to you?
  2. How has Social Media impacted the traditional marketing function in your personal experience?
  3. Is SEO dead?
  4. What opportunities does Mobile present to the Marketing function?
  5. Klout. What just happened? Is it still relevant? Was it ever? Do Brands need to pay attention to their score and style?
Watch the entire panel discussion in the video below: