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Social Media & Content Marketing

Rand Fishkin’s Top 10 Tips for Content Marketing
The head of SEOMoz says content marketing provides lower CPA with less risk than many SEO strategies. We summarized his top tips for better content marketing. See also “How SEO Blinded Me, Then Opened My Eyes,” a SlideShare from Rand’s SMX Munich 2012 presentation. He says he has come to believe “SEO is a tactic; inbound marketing is a strategy.” It’s a good argument for why the days of link-building only are done.

The Power of Your Personal Profile to Build Your Brand
Getting a business social media page off the ground can be tough. Here are tips on leveraging a personal “real people” profile to jump start your brand page.

4 Ways to Ensure Peace of Mind When You Outsource Social Media
Coming to the decision to outsource social media isn’t easy. But once your organization decides it’s the right move in order to maintain consistency and grow your presence online, there’s a lot you can do to confidently get the help that your company needs.

SEARCH Is the Next Big Step for Facebook
Rumors are flying again about Facebook plans to incorporate web search. Is it a credible threat to Google?

6 Ways to Acquire new Customers Via Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why AuthorRank Could Be More Disruptive Than All Panda Updates Combined
Social SEO expert AJ Kohn explains the full ramifications of Google’s scheme to give trusted web content producers ranking power for their content wherever it appears on the Internet.

How Garbage Ranks in the SERPs: A Case Study
See how a junky site outranked billion dollar companies for over three months on some of the most competitive keywords around.

How to Uncover Hundreds of New Longtail Keywords in Minutes
Using two free web tools in combination you can scrap Google’s auto-suggest search feature to create lists of searched longtail keywords you never would’ve come up with.

Video SEO Optimization Tips and Techniques
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, yet video producers give far less thought to search optimizing their videos than text page producers. Here are practical, easy-to-implement tips to help your videos show up in searches.

Paid Search Advertising (PPC)

Google Research: Even With #1 Organic Ranking, Paid Ads Can Double Your Clicks
Conventional wisdom says it would be a waste of money to pay for ads for a term for which you rank high organically. But according to this new study, conventional wisdom is wrong.

Mobile to Account for 25% of Paid Search Clicks in 2012
And smart phones and tablets produce higher CTR than desktop-based ads, too.

See also: Uncover Hundreds of New Longtail Keywords in the SEO section above.

Web Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Google+ Analytics
Detailed guide to setting up and using GA‘s new social reports, with special attention to the deeper level information you can get with Google “social hub partner” sites, using Google+ as an example.

Show Keyword Position Using Filters and Advanced Segments
How to produce a report easily understood by clients that shows the position of your searched keywords as a percentage of total visits.

For Clicks and Giggles

The new SEOMoz, or what happens when Rand Fishkin goes to too many conferences.


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