This Wednesday at 2:pm EST / 11:00am PST, Who CARES? will conduct a Live Google+ Hangout On Air with +AJ Kohn of +Blind Five Year Old, and  +Mark Traphagen of +Virante Search Marketing. We will talk about Google AuthorRank, and what this means for your business and to your activity on +Google+ and across the web. This will be more application than geek-speak, so join us!

In advance, you should read +AJ Kohn‘s post on AuthorRank and have it ready. It is excellent:

A Google+ Hangout On Air is a video chat that can be viewed by any number of viewers. To “tune in” on Wednesday, add +Tim Moore to your Google+ circles and watch for the Hangout On Air invite post to come up in your stream (it will look like the image below). Click it when you see it and enjoy!

Google+ Hangouts On Air

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