Later today I’ll be on the panel for a webinar titled “An Advance Look at Hot, New Google+: How It Will Impact PR Pros, Social Media Strategy and Your Customers,” sponsored by Bulldog Reporter, a news and information source for professionals in public relations and corporate communications.

My fellow panelists and I will be sharing our tips, tricks, and best practices for using Google+ to represent your brand. The other panelists are:

  • Jennifer Lasuha of Intel’s Social Media Center of Excellence
  • Rebecca Davis, Executive Vice President of Digital Influence
  • Vidar Brekke, Chief Product Officer, Converseon
  • John Greer, training director of Bulldog Reporter’s PR University.
We’ll be sharing
  • How to get started and set up on Google+
  • How to use Circles to manage your contacts
  • How to act on behalf or your brand in advance of Google+ pages for brands
  • How to use Google+ Hangouts as a productivity tool for both your business and clients
  • A crystal ball look ahead at what may be coming for brands on Google+
  • Speed bumps and roadblocks to avoid when getting started on Google+
  • How to monitor Google+ and explain its value to senior execs and clients
The webinar is scheduled to run from 1:00 to 2:30 ET on October 27. Registration at , where you may also purchase the webinar recording to listen to and view later.