HyperAlerts bills itself as “The Feature Facebook Forgot,” and in this case, that’s no hype. If you manage a Facebook Page, one of the more frustrating experiences you can have is taking a look at your Page and discovering that someone has posted a negative or inappropriate wall post or comment that’s already been visible to your fans for hours. Or more benignly, perhaps a fan has asked a question, and you missed the opportunity to impress him/her by answering it right away.

HyperAlert emails you a notice whenever anyone posts on your Page. You can choose to receive the alert “instantly” (usually within minutes after posting), or get a summary of activity each hour, day, week, or month. Signing up is easy: you just provide your email address and the Page(s) you administer. I’ve been using the service for several days and it’s already helped me know about several postings I probably would’ve seen too late otherwise.

“But Facebook Already Has Page Alerts”

Yes, but…HyperAlert still adds more value compared to the Facebook notifications. Only with HyperAlert can you:

  • Monitor pages of which you are not an administrator.
  • Schedule updates hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly (Facebook only sends instant alerts).
  • Manage all alerts from one dashboard.
  • Shows comments in context of their original post (Facebook only shows the comment in the notification email.)
  • Have alerts that look just like the original comment threads (for better context).

Just the ability to schedule alerts to come in bulk might be a boon for administrators of very active pages.

Check out HyperAlert for free.