It’s out of beta and stage center in your AdWords interface: the new and improved Ad Preview Tool!

In case you weren’t familiar with the Ad Preview Tool, old or new, it allows you to view ads for your keywords as they appear on Google’s search results page, but without being charged an impression. The new tool adds even more benefits:

  • Specify the exact Google domain you want to view (e.g., “”)
  • Choose your target language
  • Set a location. The Ad Preview Tool will display the ads as they appear in that location.
  • NEW: Specify a device type. You can now see mobile ad previews as well as desktop/laptop.

Click for full-size image

Perhaps the most useful new feature is visible at the bottom of the screen capture above. The Ad Preview Tool now shows whether your ads are currently showing for the keyword you entered. Note that this indicator will be specific to the location you entered.

Access the new Ad Preview Tool from the Reporting and Tools tab in your AdWords account interface, or directly at