A co-worker pulled me in on a phone consultation with a client yesterday. The client wanted to know if they should be on Twitter, and my associate told them I was our “Twitter guy.” 

I only got one sentence into my pitch–“Successful marketing on Twitter works best with a commitment to interacting with your customers or prospects”–when the client interrupted: “Wait a minute! Interacting with customers? That will take time. Twitter ain’t for us!”

I happily left the conversation. He was so right. If he had let me continue (he immediately changed the subject), I would have advised him not to waste his time with Twitter or any other social media.

See, though I’m a huge advocate for incorporating social media into one’s overall Internet marketing plan, I recognize that it’s not for everyone. Those still marketing with the mindset of throwing heaps of spaghetti at the wall in the hopes that some will stick (and with little concern if any of the spaghetti stays or returns after it sticks once) should stay away from Twitter and its cousins.

I’m getting enough spam on those channels as it is. I don’t need to encourage any!