“6 seconds? What can you market in 6 seconds?” Those are usually the first two questions I receive after telling a client to use Vine for promotional purposes. Just to clarify, there a ton of tasks you can accomplish in 6 seconds. However, this article is not about learning how to tie a Double-Windsor knot but to understand how Vine can be another great social media tool to market your business. It is no coincidence that brands such as Coca-Cola and Hewlett-Packard have been spending thousands of dollars promoting products in 6 seconds. I can see how some marketers would look at Vine as a tool primarily for teenagers’ use, but there is tremendous value to be had in Vine! According to Visible Measures, you should expect to lose 20% of your audience within the first 10 seconds of playback. Lucky for you, you don’t need 10 seconds.


1. Teach, Teach, Teach

Understanding how to condense a message is tremendously important while using Vine. A viewer will watch a six-second lesson on just about anything because, well, it’s only 6 seconds! If you’re Bacardi, you can make a drink in that time period. If you’re a link removal company, you can demonstrate how outreach to webmasters work. The key is to not throw the product in someone’s face but give them value to watch the video.


2. Say Hello

Believe it or not, opening your doors to the public goes a lot farther than one thinks. No matter what the medium, I have always been a fan of showing off the people who run your operation. Behind-the-scenes content typically does really well on social platforms. From a sales perspective, promoting your sales team on Vine will help future clients get to know your staff better. It is not simply a transaction and then service is completed anymore. Client relations have changed and using this tool will help current and future sales.


3. Tell me how you really feel

Requesting a testimonial from a current client can be awkward at times. Getting some clients to pay can be difficult as it is and asking for one too many things can lead you down a dark path. Luckily for you, Vine helps make the testimonial request just a little easier. Asking fans/clients to show how they’re using your product is a fun way to generate testimonials. Instead of a long drawn out video, in 6 seconds a customer can show how effective your product is. It’s the simple pitch of letting them grow their following while you get a review and in some cases a free promotion.


4. Legen…dary

Do not be sad you only have six-seconds but realize how much you can create in that time. Tons of companies have made videos that stick with you. You have a clean canvas to create something unique. Why not act out a skit with employees that involve a product? See what is relevant in the news and play with that. My personal favorites are the luggage companies who can show you just how much you can pack in a bag in 6 seconds. You want a viewer to watch your video and say “Oh, wow, that’s impressive.”


5. Make them come back

A great way to grow sales and followers is creating a daily or weekly series. Viewers will come back if you are offering information sessions or eye grabbing entertainment. Personally, I follow 200+ accounts on Vine but when I go on the App, I am usually finding the 4-5 accounts I know will provide me with value. It may sound nuts, but you can get the news out in 6 seconds as well. MTV has done a great job of condensing important entertainment news through Vine.  From an entertainment perspective, create a character or a host so viewers feel that daily or weekly connection. Once you have a strong following, your avenues of creativity widen.


6. Cherish the moments

I am a huge fan of using holidays and yearly events to market our products. Yes, they may be cheesy at times, but consumers are looking for this type of content when certain events occur. A lot of companies chose the Super Bowl as an innovative opportunity with Vine. It’s important to properly hashtag the fesitive videos so the masses will catch on. The creativity box has no lid with certain events, so do not be shy. Make sure your content calendar adds room for the important dates of the year because they typically help if you are looking for ideas.


Remember symmetry is important with social media. Sharing Vine videos on your other mediums is important; however, the same message does not have to be shared on EVERY medium. Perhaps you could make an extended version of your video on your Facebook page. In a way, Vine could be your preview to the bigger prize for the consumer. I recommend researching the popular Viners out there and see what your demographic wants. Just remember, six-seconds is a lifetime.


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