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Hive Digital has been providing white-hat, ethical SEO services since 2002, and have developed a range of services proven to provide results for our clients.   Hive Digital is often utilized as the “brains and heavy lifting” for in-house SEOs and other SEO agencies, and as the “SEO coach” for start-ups and SMBs that need help learning how to implement SEO throughout their organization and implementing SEO best practices.
SEO Consulting
Hive Digital provides SEO Consultation services to assist you in troubleshooting specific problems you may be facing, assisting with site transitions, and developing appropriate strategies for your market.     This service is ideal if you are looking for new perspectives and techniques, need a firm to provide implementation of SEO strategies, or if you need assistance with managing/directing SEO initiatives for your internal teams.


The service ranges from $250 – $400 hour depending upon your commitment and specific needs.  Hive Digital has a 5 hour minimum to begin providing SEO Consultation services. For more details, contact us!

Website Analysis and Relevancy Building
Effective organic search marketing requires a website optimized for technical SEO. Most developers are focused on ensuring functionality for your website, and often overlook best practices for SEO. Hive Digital’s SEO audits for your website not only cover SEO basics such as titles, descriptions, etc., but also include in-depth analysis for duplicate content, Panda issues, link equity dispersion and click-depth, responsive design, site speeds, and many other metrics that can impact your sites ability to effectively leverage its authority.


Audits are provided with a report detailing all of our findings and data, as well as an executive summary that prioritize and explain the recommendations that have been provided. Pricing for SEO site audits range from a high-points analysis for $1,250 to in-depth audits starting at $10k. For more details, contact us!

Offsite Analysis and Link Cleanup
Prior to beginning any link development services, it is recommended you consider an offsite analysis. This offsite SEO analysis focuses on creating a master backlink profile which can be used to determine you best approach for link development.


This is an important step if you have ever participated in link schemes (as per Google), as you don’t want to spend time and money building links to a website with an unnatural links profile. The analysis will advise of any toxic links that should be removed or disavowed, and provide recommendations for strategies to ensure your site maintains a natural link profile.

Link analysis services range from $1,500 – $5,000 depending upon the volume of links pointing to your website. For more details, contact us!

Link Development for Authority Building
Link development can be a very risky strategy to implement for your website, and it is important to choose a partner that is transparent with the techniques they are using and encourages strategies that comply with Google’s webmaster Guidelines.


Hive Digital offers a range of link development services that may be recommended to you based upon your existing linking efforts, the competitiveness of your specific market, and the resources you have available to generate content and build relationships for your business.

Link development services start at $2,500 per month, and we require at least one hour per month of consultation services to assist with monitoring and advising content strategies and techniques to facilitate link building efforts. For more details, contact us!

In addition to maintaining a A+ BBB rating and being a recommended vendor by Moz, Hive Digital is proud to have been nominated and shortlisted for Innovation in SEO by the US Search Awards every year!

Little known fact: In 2012, Hive Digital conducted the largest known correlation study on Google’s algorithm, and presented a portion of the findings for the IBM Netezza conference in Boston, MA!

They pointed me to tools and techniques that I was able to adopt for my website years before they became commonplace and years before any other hospital was doing it.

University Health System

That integrity piece is tremendously meaningful to me. I need to know that people tell me the truth, whether it’s what I want to hear or not. Hive Digital has always been good in doing that.

Oasis Wellness

Our philosophy on SEO is to educate and guide our clients in implementing sustainable strategies that build lasting rankings, despite the constantly changing landscape in organic search.

Our experts analyze your site and processes to develop a search marketing strategy that builds your website relevance and authority!

Hive Digital’s commitment to research and innovation allows us to constantly provide new ideas for search engine optimization.  Hive Digital has pioneered techniques such as second page poaching, LDA driven content creation, broken link development, and developed industry adopted tools such as,,,, and many more.

This dedication to thought leadership drives demand for our experts as speakers at major conferences and universities, as well as educators for nationally renowned companies like ASPE-ROI.

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Blog articles are often a place where relevant content goes to die. Meaning, that a good idea, which expands a site’s relevance for topic groupings or a subject matter is curated and forgotten after being pushed live to the site. Most often, blog content skirts the...

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Our Experts in Organic Search Marketing

Jake Bohall

Jake Bohall, Vice President of Hive Digital, is recognized as an online columnist, entrepreneur, board member of an educational non-profit, and philanthropist.Jake’s experience in business and strategy development has made him adept at identifying...

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Tripp Hamilton

Tripp Hamilton has over 3 years experience with Google manual penalties and maintaining healthy back-link profiles for his clients. He is the Director of Hive Digital’s link removal department and Product Manager for Remove’em,...

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John Gibbings

John Gibbings

John Gibbings has been working, adapting and succeeding within organic search for multi-million dollar companies since 2011. He is a Senior SEO Consultant with Hive Digital, where he works hand in hand with the...

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Russ Jones

Russ Jones is an SEO Advisor for Hive Digital where he was employed for over 10 years prior to joining Moz as a Principal Search Scientist.Russ is a devoted husband to Morgan...

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Brian McDowell

Brian McDowell SEO

Brian McDowell is a visionary enterprise level SEO with first hand experience establishing startups with companies such as LendingTree,, Red Ventures and Conductor.Brian frequently assists Hive Digital contributing his expertise and talent...

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Eric Lander

Eric Lander is an Adjunct Consultant at Hive Digital and is often called upon for assistance with technical site reviews and his expertise with onsite SEO strategies. Eric has been actively involved in the...

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Hive Digital can help you get the most out of your website. Simply fill out this form, and we'll get back to you with a free quote. No risk, no obligation.

Hive Digital respects your privacy. We will never spam you or sell your information to any third party. Privacy Policy

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