Semantic Web Interview Mark TraphagenBelow is a recent interview I did talking about how we should be writing content for the semantic web. I was the guest of Michael Ehline of the Circle of Legal Trust, a “Confederation of Online Attorneys and Webmasters Dedicated to Providing Educational Content and Lawyer Recommendations to the Public at Large.”

Michael asked me to teach his audience about how Google and other search engines are increasingly moving toward a semantic understanding of the web, and how that should impact the way they produce content. In a nutshell, semantic search is the movement by search engines to be less dependent upon matching blunt keywords on a page with the same keywords typed in by searchers, and to move toward being able to understand the relationships between things much as we humans do intuitively.

The goal of semantic search is to connect people with what they are looking for more quickly, without people having to unnaturally come up with just the right words.

Below the video I’ve provided a time-stamped index of the main topics we covered. Clicking any of the topics will take you right to that point in the video interview.

Index to Video:



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