Google Plus notifications posting strategy videoWatch this recorded Google+ Hangout on Air panel discussion hosted by +Ronnie Bincer, and featuring +Fraser Cain (of Universe Today) and +Stephanie Wanamaker, with Virante’s own +Mark Traphagen. Click the video image at the bottom of this post to watch.

Our topic was the changes this past week to how to post notifications are handled on Google+, and how that affects the posting and sharing strategies of marketers on that platform. Previously, a user could add circles of up to 100 users each to a post and check a box for each circle that would cause members of that circle to be notified. Now notifying circles is severely restricted (the limit appears to fluctuate from post to post), and also generates an email by default, which might be seen by many users as spamming. For more about how this all works, see “Major Change to Google Plus Notifications.”

Many marketers on Google Plus had relied on notifications to build what was essentially the equivalent of opt-in email lists, asking followers if they wanted to be notified of certain posts, and then placing those followers in circles that would then get notifications for the appropriate posts. But of course, that option was also open to abuse by spammers, and that probably brought about the change we saw this week.

So what is someone with a message that others seem to want to hear to do now on Google+? In this video discussion you’ll hear from three seasoned online marketers and one popular non-marketer user on the pros and cons of the new system, what they wish Google+ would do, and more importantly, how we each plan to operate in this “new world.” It’s a lively discussion, as we don’t all agree!