Latest guest post at Windmill Networking by Virante Director of Social Media Marketing Mark Traphagen.

Our moms and our kindergarten teachers told us again and again: “It’s nice to share!

But why? How does sharing make things better? Before long the smartest kids figured out that sharing increased the fun. When you shared, more kids wanted to play with you. They’d stay in the sandbox longer, and they’d share their cool stuff with you.

Those kindergarten lessons are no less true in the world of social media. In social media, sharing means reposting the content of others (always with a clear link back to them!) or recommending others to your followers. It’s no secret that one of the keys to success in building a good following on social media is good sharing skills. For example, one study showed that tweets that contain links get more re-tweets.

Let’s quickly review why sharing is so powerful: (Click here to read on!)