Yesterday, Google began rolling out it’s much-anticipated (and feared, in some quarters) Google Games for Google+. In response to some plussers who were wondering why Google rushed out games ahead of so many other features plussers are clamoring for, I wrote (“Here Come the Games” on Google+) that I believed the real purpose of the games roll-out was as a good initial test case for Google+ app development.

Today’s first post in a new Google blog, “The Google+ Platform Blog,” confirms that. It looks like Google is getting ready to open Google+ to app development, and that the release of an API is not so far off. After the mess and frustrating user experience of Facebook apps, it’s nice to hear that the Google+ team is committed to “quality before quantity” in both user and developer experience.

If you’re a developer interested in producing apps for Google+, you can sign up for a notification list that will let you know when the preview of Google+ app development is ready.