A little bit of information began to leak this week about the long-rumored “Google Me” social network. Here’s what Chris Crum at webpronews.com had to say (in “‘Google Me’ is Probably Already Bigger than Facebook“):

The main thing that has been revealed is that Google Me will not be a new social network from Google to try and compete with Facebook, but rather a “social layer” added to existing Google products. If you think about it, this strategy makes more sense, as Google already has many of the features of a great social network in its various properties. As I’ve said over and over again, integration among these is the key, and “Google Me” just might turn out to be that integration that connects Google’s offerings, effectively making Google itself the social network.

In other words, Google has been cooking up a number of tasty dishes in different kitchens for a number of years. Soon, they will be placing them all in the same buffet line, and everyone is already in line.

The question, if you are dependent upon social media marketing in any way, is are you in line? Do you have your business or organization already active on Google’s various outlets? Do you have an active YouTube channel? Are you adept at Google Chat? Do you have photos on Picasa? Do you have a well-stocked Google Profile? Are you publishing to Google News? Since it’s Google we’re talking about, the list could go on and on.