Below are some of the highlights from a panel on Customer Engagement Strategies at the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC.

Ori Hoffer @orihoffer – Social Media Strategist, General Services Administration

The General Services Administration used the Federal Building Bracket Challenge 2012 to drive customer engagement.


Kerry Andrews @pinehurstresort– Director of Marketing, Pinehurst

She asks these questions in determining what content to push out:

  1. Is it entertaining?
  2. Does it provide a motive?
  3. Is it shareable?

She also discussed how using points in the history of Pinehurst as a basis for pushing content within the social calendar has been very successful.


Anthony Phillips @cocacola– Global Marketing Manager, Innovation, The Coca-Cola Company

Anthony discussed creating memorable experiences with Coke’s Freestyle Vending Machines as well as interactive vending machines which allow users to donate to the American Red Cross.