We’re thrilled to share news of our most recent achievement, which is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our incredible team. Our innovative paid search strategies have earned us the honor of the ‘Best PPC Campaign‘ at the 2023 Global Agency Awards.

The PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign that clinched the award focused on taking over an existing account for Smith & Quinn, a boutique custom apparel ecommerce store specializing in women’s, men’s, and wedding fashions, whose efforts had been falling short of expectations. Smith & Quinn contacted Hive Digital with the objective of enhancing existing campaigns and to achieve the goal of increasing the overall ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) to 2:1. Hive Digital implemented several changes to the client’s Google Search Campaigns, including optimizing the product feed, adjusting and testing the bidding strategy, and redefining the audience targeting.  We optimized keywords and phrases targeting specific audiences. We used captivating product titles and positioned their ads in front of the desired target audience.

The campaign was full of challenges that needed to be overcome. The client had been struggling to generate sales through their website, despite heavy investment in paid search advertising, influencer marketing, and email campaigns. They had a modest following on social media and their website traffic was plateauing. The brand knew they needed to do something drastic to improve their online sales and increase their return on investment. But the main challenge was to find a new and effective digital marketing strategy that would help them stand out in a crowded and competitive online fashion market. 

The brand was looking for a solution that would not only help them increase their online sales but also generate a high return on investment. 

The results were astonishing. Within a month of implementing the new strategy, the client saw a 689% ROAS. This meant that for every dollar they spent on advertising, they generated a little over $6 in revenue (6:1). The optimized Google Search campaigns were responsible for most of the sales, with Google Display ads contributing significantly as well.

Our successful campaign hinged on understanding our audience, leveraging the power of AI focused platform tools, making data-informed decisions, and a relentless focus on creativity. We realized early on that simply driving traffic wasn’t enough; it was about driving the right traffic. By optimizing our keyword strategy, determining best practices for landing pages, and refining ad copy, we managed to increase click-through rates and conversions significantly. A special shout out to Max Horn who headed up the campaign, another job well done.

Our warmest thanks to the Global Agency Awards for this honor, and our deepest appreciation to our clients, who are the reason we strive to exceed expectations. Here’s to more milestones, breakthroughs, and successes in the future!