A live blog of the Wednesday Keynote address at SMX Social Media in Las Vegas, December 5, 2012

Del Harvey of TwitterBy Del Harvey, Director of Trust and Safety, Twitter (@delbius)

Broadway Books in Portland was on the brink of shutting down. @everydaydude in 2008 tweeted “buy a book, no buy 3, and I’ll buy you a burrito.” The bookstore was mobbed and turned around. It’s not crazy that a tweet can do a whole lotta stuff.

Ability to connect = Success

And if you’re connecting successfully, you’re probably not one who will run afoul of Twitter’s spam team. Connecting successfully also gives you the ability to:

1. tell your brand’s story
2. expand your audience
3. strengthen loyalty
4. increase brand exposure

It’s not only what you tweet but how you tweet it.

The most popular ineffective ways to tweet.
1. Multiple unsolicited @replies
2. Duplicate posts (especially with #random #hashtags in the repeats to try to jump on trending tweets)

Best Practices and How-Tos
1. host a chat. Create a real-time forum to drive meaningful brand-relevant conversation.
2. Run a contest.
3. Announce a sale. Include a ooupon code & encourage sharing it.

The Success Shortlist:
– Events: A shared moment your audience can participate in.
– Participation
– Interests
– Content
These are the big opportunities to make that ideal connection that will build your influence in ways Twitter likes.

More at http://bitly/abilitytoconnect

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