Content Is KingEveryone in the SEO world says it: “content is king.”  This has been the golden rule for those “in the know” in SEO for years now, but only in the past year or so has it started to get wider play. So will the job of Social Media Copywriter become a lucrative career to pursue in the not-too-distant future?

Content on Content:  There are dozens of great articles written each day on how to create great blog content or the rules on writing for the web.  These articles lay out the various methods to initially capture a reader with catchy headlines, to keep a reader’s attention with proper formatting feng shui, and above all else how to keep it fresh and consistent. The web is getting super-saturated with information on the best way to attract an audience via content, but why?

The Social Media Umbrella:  The shadow cast by social media now falls way beyond just our plugged-in lives. It now shows up in all aspects of our day-to-day life.  This year’s Super Bowl gave us a glimpse, with the Chevy Cruze’s ad showing off their new Facebook Status button built right into the rear view mirror. Access to social media is almost literally everywhere.

Whether your business is small or large, you must embrace the importance that social media has for long-term success.  Your goal may be sharing of updated company info to current customers or the expansion to new markets.  Whatever the aim of your social media campaign may be, the emerging cornerstone of the social media/SEO realm is quality content.

Search Spiders like nice things:  Google proved this with the most recent Panda update that brought down the de-index death scythe on vast amounts of site networks with their fluff content on everything from acai berries to yoga breathing techniques.

Search engines are becoming increasingly picky in their definitions of quality content. This cleansing of the internet is leaving only the most relevant and authoritative content in its wake.  As a business owner, this means you need to either start writing yourself or realize that a writer on retainer is an essential position.

While there are plenty of freelance copywriters who can perform minimal research and provide a product that is satisfactory as far as the search engines are concerned. Unfortunately writing ability must now be coupled with experienced knowledge in your respective industry to reach the status of Authoritative Voice.

One can argue that in the near future one of the most valued positions for any company will be that of the in-house “content copywriter.” This full-time position would create relevant and knowledgeable content over various mediums on a consistent basis.

Prove your authority:  The only way to show both your current and potential customers that you know what you are talking about is to talk about it. Social media provides various tools to get that content seen, indexed by search engines, and then accumulating authority.

  • Micro-blogging:  Twitter may only seem like a 140 character headline factory, but that’s the first step to attracting eyes to your content. The real benefit of twitter lies with high click-through-rates (CTR) of the links posted. Links that should lead to…
  • Macro-blogging:  Tease them with your micro-blogging then bring in the authoritative haymaker with your in-depth article that shows essentially who is the intellectual boss in the industry you occupy.
  • Google AuthorRank:  Help Google find your authoritative content by tying it to your Google+ profile and/or brand page. You’ll get that coveted Author Avatar in search results (which boosts CTR), and at some point Google says AuthorRank will affect search ranking power.

If you have yet to have an established content-driven social campaign or even a social presence at all, now is the time to give it careful consideration. In the coming evolution of search, those with the best content will win. That’s why you need not only to be developing a content strategy, but making sure that you hire and have in place people (whether in-house or through a trusted agency) who can produce that content for you.

Do you think quality content production is important enough that businesses will begin to hire (and pay well!) skilled writers?

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