handshaekMy latest guest post is up on Neal Schaffer‘s Windmill Networking blog.

Title: Three Ways to Use a Personal Google+ Profile to Build Your Business

Here’s an excerpt:

I’m already proving building an influential Google+ personal profile can be an effective brand-building tool. My agency’s page (Virante Search Marketing) now has over 1200 followers on Google+. We’re no H&M Fashions (over half a million followers), but it’s enough to make us the third highest ranking brand page for “search marketing” in a non-logged-in G+ search. We’re the highest ranked actual business for that term (numbers 1 and 2 both represent blogs). It’s hard to tell without analytics (which Google+ says are still “coming soon”), but I’m convinced that a large part of that following has come from my increasingly influential personal profile, which is clearly linked to my agency brand.

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