Max Horn

Max Horn

Max’s blend of artistic flair, marketing savvy, and data-driven approach makes her a valued member of our team and a standout in the industry. We are proud to have her on board, pushing the boundaries of digital advertising and inspiring us all.

Max is an integral part of our paid ads team, known for her expertise in building dynamic campaigns and strategies in the competitive world of digital advertising. A proud alumna of Columbus State University, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, a field that has become her professional playground.

Her journey in digital marketing began in 2008, with a special focus on Google Ads. Max’s passion for Google Ads is rooted in its potential to create genuine value for customers, a principle that guides her approach to every campaign. She is particularly fascinated by consumer behavior, considering it the cornerstone of her planning and strategy development.

Max’s proficiency isn’t limited to creative campaign development; she’s also a self-confessed ‘Data Geek’. Her knack for dissecting trends and analyzing consumer data is key to her success in crafting targeted, effective advertising strategies. This blend of analytical and creative skills sets her apart in the field of digital marketing.

Beyond her professional life, Max’s artistic and creative talents add another dimension to her persona. Whether she’s analyzing data or painting a canvas, her creativity knows no bounds. Her team members often remark, “Three cheers for Max! We love working with you!” — a testament to her positive impact and the joy she brings to the workplace.

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