The relationship between a customer and a campaign is filled with complexities but the success of an ad campaign has always been about delivering the right ad, to the ideal customer, at the right time. Leveraging Google’s Audience Solutions has proven to increase conversion rate and train the AI with high-quality, dense  conversion data. It functions by leveraging automation to help brands find and connect with their ideal customers. Google’s Audience Solutions assists advertisers by refining audience targeting helping drive relevant users. When overlapping audience signals with compelling creative assets, businesses can establish more valuable connections with their converters. 

Audience Solutions introduces a variety of tools designed to reach different stages of the customer journey. These include additional demographics segments, interest-based segments, in-market segments, intent-based segments, and remarketing segments. These tools provide marketers with additional opportunities to refine targeting and put your ads in front of the most relevant audience. 

AI in the center

Google’s Audience Solutions

  • Demographics Segments
  • Interest-Based Segments
  • In-Market Segments
  • Intent-Based Segments
  • Remarketing Segments

As Google phases out third-party cookies, internal customer data becomes the key to unlocking potential customers through Google. Data like youtube followers, app users, or customer data lists is high for advertisers. Utilizing first party data with Audience Solutions in campaign strategy  provides a powerful baseline to reach new customers effectively. Advertisers are able to directly upload user data into the ads platform or use integrations to access popular CRM platforms like Hubspot and Salesforce which will automatically import customer data. These sophisticated signals, when used with Google’s Audience Solutions, can help the algorithm distinguish between a customer’s interest and genuine purchase intent.

First Party Data

First Party Data

  • YouTube followers
  • App users
  • Customer List*
  • Website data*


*When using customer lists, it’s important to ensure the data is compliant with all privacy laws and regulations. More information on Google’s privacy policy can be found here.

With 8.5 billion searches every day, or 99,000 queries each second, connecting with customers manually will no doubt take time. By leveraging a combination of first-party data and advanced targeting tools, you can reach customers not just at the right time, but with the right message that resonates with their needs. This data-driven approach ensures campaigns are properly trained to continue to create high-quality, dense data.. The question of whether to use AI in ads is still up for debate but when set up properly, Google Audience Solutions can be an incredibly powerful advantage when set up properly.