Micro-MomentOn average, consumers have an attention span of 8 seconds for ads.¹ Which means advertisers have an incredibly short time frame to capture attention. Google calls these “micro moments,” when a user scans the search page for a match to their goal. During this period, Ad copy plays a key role in attracting clicks. The ratio of clicks to views is also referred to as CTR or Click-Through-Rate.

For someone new to your brand, your ad could be the first introduction to your business. Speaking to the users end goal is what leads them to take action. Use these micro moments to attract your ideal audience and start the first step in the conversion funnel.

Strategies for Powerful Ad Copy

Other variables that affect the overall performance can be user intent and the business model of the advertiser. For example, the demographic of a consumer can be vital in relating the ad message to their needs. Age, Gender and location can all have an impact. Here are a few tried and true best practices (with examples):

    1. Provide a solution: House Cleaners
      • We Clean So You Don’t Have To
      • Choose a home cleaning company with a strong reputation and decades of experience.
    2. Call to action- Service company
      • Contact Us
      • Fill out the form today and see how we can take your business to the next level. Call Now!
    3. Emotional trigger: Pool excitement
      • Design The Pool of Your Dreams
      • Let our team build your custom backyard oasis. Meet our design experts today!
    4. Create a sense of Urgency- Limited time offer
      • Cyber Monday Sale
      • Three Days Only. Free Shipping + 25% off the entire site. Don’t miss these deals, shop now!
    5. Competitive Advantage- What makes you different than competitors
      • Boston’s Best Barbeque
      • Barbeque made to order. Choose your protein, cut, and flavor. Thousands of combinations!
    6. Ask a question
      • Looking for a Pediatrician?
      • Has your child had a yearly check-up? Don’t let good healthcare pass you by.
    7. Speak the language – Younger demographics
      • Psst… New Collection Drops
      • Dark Denim is so last season. Stay fab with new pastel colors in all your favorite fits. Tell your bestie!

Google uses this infographic to explain consumer micro moments and what they actually mean.

Understanding Micro-moments

Of course grammar and spelling is significant in messaging as well. It can make the difference in professionalism and trust amongst potential consumers. Different audiences respond and relate to a different tone, voice, and word choice.

    • Title Case:
      • Headlines, making emphasis.
    • Sentence Case:
      • Descriptions most of the time.
    • CAPS:
      • Reserve for acronyms or brand names.

When it comes to successful ad copy, it’s more than just words. It’s both practical and intuitive; personal and relevant. It requires the message to speak clearly to the user as well as match their intent. Taking the time to carefully craft your message makes the difference in a possible conversion or not. It’s critical. The more your business matches and conveys what the consumer is looking for, the more likely they are to click on your ad which is one step closer to a conversion.

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