I saw a conversation on Twitter earlier today, that was exploring all of the options out there for low cost and affordable transcription services. I’d first come across getting transcripts in 2007 for a marketing team that was ahead of the curve, but it was costly and complicated to get the files sent and transcripts published.

After looking into what new options exist because of the improvements in machine learning and AI translation, I was blown away what was possible with the programs now available.

Why Are Video Transcripts Great For SEO?

Machines can now easily translate your content cheaply and effectively.

Machines can now easily translate your content cheaply and effectively.

It’s obviously a winning strategy to re-cycle and re-use your content, and video is such a rich format you can really exploit it for several different types of content. It can often be easier for experts and professionals who meet and speak with clients often for it to be easier for them to SAY things that are insightful then it is to write them down for your website. 

The average American speaker says around 150 words per minute in normal conversation. It’s really easy for topically competent experts to be able to speak at length on their favorite subjects, so it’s easy to generate the “meat and potatoes” of an article, and then bolster it with headers, images and internal links to relevant content.

Transcribing Content Is Effective and Efficient

I just used Descript to record this next section of text. I am going to copy and paste it verbatim so you can see how this 1 minute and 15 seconds of time can create great copy.

The incredible thing about. Artificial intelligence. That’s come around. Is that. It’s short, cutting all of these really long task that we had to do. That put really powerful items out of our reach. Trim transcripts and transcribing things used to be something you had to outsource to another country to be able to get something affordable. But now with machine translation, you can have relatively error free, relatively accurate.

Content created. Just by you speaking.

And that is incredible value for your business.

Think of all of the times that you are in a meeting. And talk at length about something you get very excited. You speak very quickly. You create a lot of content. And it’s gone. It’s in the either. Transcribing your meetings transcribing. Uh, video content. Is a powerful tool for creating content. For your website.

As you can see, it’s not PERFECT, but with a handful of minor tweaks and spacing adjustments, you’ve got a solid paragraph of text.

What Are Some Affordable Transcription services?