There aren’t many things more annoying that waking up one day to find out that your website has been hacked or spammed – that somehow, someone has been able to infiltrate your site with tons of spammy outbound links with high commercial anchor text. Unfortunately, if you run a large website or the attack is sophisticated enough, it can be very difficult to find those types of links.

So we created a simple tool to help you with the process. We call it our Outbound Link Spam Detector. The process is simple.

  1. It first uses industry APIs to identify the anchor text of outbound links on your website (grabbing the top 100)
  2. It then grabs the Google Adwords CPC for that anchor text to detect commercially manipulated anchors
  3. Finally, it reports them back to you in sorted order so you can see your most suspicious links

Go ahead and give it a shot here – Outbound Link Spam Detector