nlogoWhile handling business development for Remove’em, I run across a lot of different situations where a company’s internal teams or outside firms have worked to help them review their backlink profiles and prepare a disavow file.   In most cases, these companies have approached us because they now realize they have to actually make efforts to remove the bad links in order to get their penalties removed, and that simply filing a disavow file won’t solve all their problems.    Since they have already done the legwork to figure out which domains have the bad links, they don’t want to pay for a full site analysis, and opt to go with our team jumping straight into link removals for them.

Problem:  You don’t have a list of the URLs linking to your sites pages, you only have a list of domains you submitted for disavow… so what links do we remove?
Problem 2:  The excelfu required to identify the urls in a list that match the domains in another list is slightly more complicated than most of us care to figure out.

Solution:  A simple tool at Remove’em –    All you need is a list of domains you are trying to match against, and a list of URLs.   In most cases, this will be a list of domains you have disavowed, and a list of your actual backlinks.  You can get the list of backlinks from Google Webmaster Tools, aHrefs, OSE, Majestic, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex Webmaster Tools, or other link sources.

You simply paste the domain list in one box, your backlinks in another, and voila!    Like magic, okay… not really magic, you get back a list of all the URLs that match, which you can easily upload into Remove’em for outreach, tracking, and more!