Russ-Jones-ViranteI was perusing Portent’s new “tool,” the Content Idea Generator, and wondering for what awesome purpose I could use it. For what topic do I wish I could spin out endless content ideas?

And then it struck me. There is only one thing worth writing about endlessly, ad infinitum. Actually, one person.

Russ Jones

If you don’t know Russ Jones, you should. Russ is a really big deal. (I wanted to cite references for that in footnotes, but all the citations for Russ’s greatness are from his own sources, so I figured you could find them easily enough.)

Russ is Virante‘s CTO. I’m not entirely certain what that stands for, but I’m guessing “Chief Terrificness Officer.” He’s really, really smart. I know because when I walk by his office, he’s always typing really fast, and all smart people are fast typers.

Russ is a genius at creating cool tools like RemoveEm (to help people get restored after a Google penalty) and nTopic (which helps content writers make their writing more topically relevant for search). In fact, he’s so good at making tools, I’ve heard people around the office refer to him as “The Tool.”

Russ Jones Content Titles

So I thought I should stop wasting so much time writing about social media and digital marketing and stuff, and just write about Russ. And that’s where the Portent Content Idea Generator becomes my best friend. I simply plugged “Russ Jones” into the tool, and it spun out great, gripping titles like these (a few altered slightly for grammar):

How to Cheat at Russ Jones and Get Away with It [tweet this!]

The Oddest Place You Will Find Russ Jones [tweet this!]

Doing Russ Jones the Right Way [tweet this!]

The 16 Best Russ Jones Twitter Feeds to Follow [tweet this!]

5 Great Articles About Russ Jones [tweet this!]

If You Read One Article About Russ Jones Read This One [tweet this!]

Why You’ll Never Succeed at Being Russ Jones [tweet this!]

7 Least Favorite Things About Russ Jones [tweet this!]

When Russ Jones Sends You Running for Cover [tweet this!]

Why the World Would End Without Russ Jones [tweet this!]

I can’t wait to get started! Those titles are so original, so unique, so “reach out and grab you through the screen,” that I just KNOW that even people who don’t know about Russ Jones will want to click and read the articles.

Heck, the titles are so great, people will probably just go ahead and retweet them without even reading. Just use the handy tweet links after each one to get ahead of the rush. And as a content producer, more tweets is all I ever wanted anyway.