CircleCount (a Google+ user stats site) created this stunning info-map showing the locations of active Google+ users across the globe. Here’s how they describe its creation:

We visualised the profiles in our index with a publicly shown location (more than 4 million). Each of those profiles got a 2×2 sized pixel in white and each of those pixels is 10% transparent.

Then we mapped all of them on a blue background and now look, what you can see, without any borders. Since our 2×2 pixel are 10 % opaque you can see that the whiter places are the more populated once.

(Click the image for a larger view)

Google Plus world map

Some observations:

  • No regular Google+ user will be surprised by the brightness of India and Southeast Asia in general. Every morning I wake up to dozens of new followers from those regions.
  • Google+ has taken Europe by storm, again confirmed by my own follower experience. With over 21,000 followers on Google+ now, many of my most interesting and active engagers are from Europe.
  • We’ve been hearing that Google+ is exploding in Brazil. This map seems to confirm that.
  • Google+ is NOT a “ghost town.” Far from it!