Zite iphone ipad AppOne of my most-used iOS apps, Zite, just added the ability to share content directly to Google+.

Zite uses your own feeds (from Google Reader and your social media networks) combined with content surfaced by other Zite users to auto-curate the best web content in topic areas you select. It presents it in an attractive, Flipboard-style magazine format on your iPad or iPhone.

It’s always been easy on Zite to one-click share to Twitter, Facebook, your email, or save articles to Instapaper or ReadItLater. Now you can also share to your Google+ Circles. I have been participating in discussions on how to better G+ with quite a number of different people since G+ launched, and every once in a while an idea brought up in one discussion is helpful to what is happening elsewhere. To that end, I’ve created a Master List of those that I’ve dubbed the Idea People, with the intent of trying to bridge some of the gaps between the various levels of experience, exposure, influence here on G+. If you ever have an idea that you think might better your G+ experience and would like some more immediate feedback that you might get by submitting feedback or even tagging +Natalie Villalobos, +Larry Page, +Vic Gundotra, or any of the numerous other Googlers who inhabit this space, I suggest that you bounce it off of this group of people, as everyone’s experiences are unique and can very, very rapidly help you flesh out your ideas.

Zite post screen


HINT: To get the Google+ share button you’ll need to update Zite (or download it for the first time) from the iTunes App Store. The first time you go to share on Google+, you man need to tap the “Share article” button to find it. After I did it once, the Google+ icon was promoted to the on-page sharing icons.

Tapping the G+ share icon brings up the same familiar sharing box you see when you +1 a page on the web:

Zite Share to Google+


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