What did you do on Google last month? Now you can have a record.

Google has made steady moves in recent times toward opening up more data to its regular (non-commercial) users. For example, the Google Dashboard displays basic information about all the Google products and services you use.

Now Google introduces the Google Account Activity Report, a monthly opt-in report that displays stats and trends about your actual usage of those Google services.

Among the data the report provides are:

  • Locations from which you signed in.
  • Authentication changes (if you use Google’s 2-Step Verification security service).
  • Places where you checked in with Latitude.
  • Number of emails sent and received, and top contacts.
  • Number of web searches and you top queries.
The new Account Activity Report is opt-in, and will be sent in a monthly email. Sign up here.

Here’s a screen capture of what the reports will look like:

Google Account Activity Report



And here’s a video about the 2 Step Verification security service I mentioned above: