Google has handed a graduation diploma from Google Labs to its Page Speed Online tool, which is now “in the wild” as they say. Find it at It’s home page couldn’t be more simple: just enter your site’s URL and click “Analyze.”


Google Page Speed Online
Once inside, Google Page Speed Online offers a number of suggestions for speeding up the load time and overall performance of your web site. The suggestions are grouped by high, medium, and low priorities. You can click on each suggestion to get details and specific action suggestions.

Why should you try to optimize the speed of your site? Faster page load speeds can result in:

  • Google is now placing a greater emphasis on landing page speed and quality in its search ranking assessments.
  • Reduced bounce rates, as your visitors experience less frustration.
  • Increased conversions as visitors get more immediately to your message and call to action.
  • Lower paid search costs, as page load time affects quality score for ads and keywords. Better quality score equals lower cost-per-click for your ads.