Google announced yesterday that they are adding a new metric to the AdWords online account management interface. The metric shows the estimated bid it would take to (theoretically) place your ad regularly in the top positions above the organic search results.

Combined with the recently added top vs. side segmentation in reports, this metric gives advertisers increased ability to target their ads at the position they want and to measure the results from a top vs. a side position.

Google stresses that the estimated bid shown does not guarantee a top position for your ad. All the usual factors still apply (Quality Score, budget, account settings, competition at the moment of an auction, etc.).

To view the new metric, go to the keywords tab in your AdWords interface, click Columns, select “Customize columns,” and check “Est. top of page bid.” Save the column configuration, and the metric will now be a column in your keyword list.

AdWords Top of Page Bid

Top of Page Bid column as it appears in AdWords