This is part of a series on the new Analytics AdWords Traffic Reports.

We’re looking at insights provided by the new AdWords section under Traffic Sources in Google Analytics that go beyond what you can see if you only look at reports within the AdWords interface itself. Today we’ll look at Placement Reports.

Assuming you’ve got your Google Analytics connected to your AdWords account, from AdWords click “Reporting and Tools” and select “Google Analytics.” In Analytics, select “Traffic Sources” from the Dashboard main menu, then click “AdWords.” Finally, click on “Placements” in the drop-down list.

If you are running any ads on Google’s Display Network (formerly “Content Network”), this report will give you some important insights you won’t find in the AdWords interface itself. The default view gives you an overview of key performance indicators for your placement ads. What you really want to know, though, is which domains on which your ads have shown have performed the best (and which the worst).

To drill down to that level, simply click on a Content Targeting Option in the first column (either automatic or managed) and you will see a list of those domains. This is where you can get information you can’t see on the Networks tab of the AdWords interface, such as Pages/Visit, Time on Site, and Bounce Rate for each domain. These metrics should help you better evaluate the value of each domain. Use that information to exclude poor performers or bid higher for excellent performers.