On October 21 Google announced at Web 2.0 Expo the coming-soon implementation of real-time Social Search incorporated into the regular search results page.

Results will appear at the bottom of the results page and will be culled from the searcher’s own social networks, the ones listed on his/her Google Profile.

Marketers who have been ignoring social web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Friendfeed would do well to get on board now and start learning how to use them properly and building followings. Why? Imagine this scenario:

You run a website selling vacation packages for Tampa Beach, FL. One of your Twitter followers is looking for a good resort package deal for the coming weekend. It so happens that you’ve been tweeting about some great deals you’re offering for this very weekend. Your follower goes to Google to search for potential packages. Even if she missed your tweets, they will likely appear on her search page because she is linked to you via Twitter.

in reference to: BREAKING: Google Announces Social Search (view on Google Sidewiki)