Alex Dahms

Outside the professional sphere, Alex is a passionate gamer, indulging in video games during his leisure time. His interests extend to a variety of eclectic hobbies, including a love for old and foreign movies, unique paintings, TV shows, and obscure music genres. When he’s not engaged with screens, Alex enjoys bike rides, playing the drums, and traveling. Whether attending concerts, riding his bike, or working at his computer, Alex brings a sense of curiosity and excitement to all his endeavors.

Alex’s journey in the digital marketing realm began in 2014, where he first made his mark by promoting concerts for major venues in his city through social media and blogs. This initial foray into the field sparked a broader interest in content creation and management, leading him to develop expertise in SEO-focused copywriting, various CMS platforms, analytics, and content strategy.

A graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Philosophy, Alex brings a unique and thoughtful approach to his work. His diverse professional background ranges from managing bustling cafes to transforming a budding music studio into the city’s most successful one. This eclectic mix of experiences has honed his ability to connect with clients across a wide array of subjects and content types.

Alex’s commitment to an always-learning mindset allows him to absorb both practical and esoteric knowledge with equal enthusiasm. This trait, combined with his extensive experience, makes him a versatile and adaptable digital marketing specialist.

You can contact Alex via the following:
Email: [email protected]

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Atomizing Atomic Habits: The Third Law of Behavior Change

Atomizing Atomic Habits: The Third Law of Behavior Change In our previous post in this series, we reviewed Clear’s second law of behavior change: Make It Attractive, and all of the chapters that go over its characteristics. In this post we have now reached the 3rd law of behavior change: Make It Easy. This section – Read More
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Atomizing Atomic Habits: The Second Law of Behavior Change

Last time, we went over the three chapters that make up Clear’s first law of behavior change: Make It Obvious. Now, we shift our focus to Clear’s second law of behavior change: Make It Attractive. This section of the book starts with Chapter 8: How to Make a Habit Irresistible. How to Make a Habit – Read More
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Atomizing Atomic Habits: The Laws of Behavior Change

I did not expect Atomic Habits to open with a baseball bat to the face. Brutal. But little did I know a wealth of practical and useful life-advice would lie ahead after such a graphic beginning. I tend to find these “self help” books to be a little cheesy, but the author James Clear begins – Read More
Comparing AI Tools for Content Creation (1)

Comparing A.I. Content Creation Tools: Jasper, ChatGPT 4.0, and WordCrafter

Listen here, fellow A.I.-assisted content writers, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. If you work in online content creation, whether it’s SEO-focused blog posts, web pages, or videos, you’ve likely used an A.I. tool to support you in your endeavors.  Perhaps, you’ve only considered it. Maybe you’ve used one just once to try it out. – Read More

Popular AI Hot-Takes and Why They’re Wrong

Popular AI Hot-Takes and Why They’re Wrong With AI on the rise, you might find the industry you work in becoming influenced by one of its many iterations. Whether you skeptically raise an eyebrow at the idea of working alongside ChatGPT or embrace it into your workflow with open arms, one thing is certain: AI – Read More

Why Active Voice is Better than Passive Voice in Digital Marketing

“Gather around everyone, and we’ll discuss active voice and its role in digital marketing.” Wait, how about this… “Active voice and its role in digital marketing will be discussed by us after everyone has gathered around.” Now, which of these two sentences do you find engages your attention and reads easier? My guess is on – Read More

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